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Aluminum Dome cover

Aluminum Domes are Fully  triangulated, spherical, space frame structure designed to be self-supporting

▪ 3D Modelling and structural analysis for Mechanical detail design

▪ Atmospheric(ATM) and Gas sealed(Nitrogen) Geodesic Dome Roof design

▪ Can be installed on Existing EFRT

▪ Totally clear span and easier water drainage (Leak-Free)

▪ Maintenance-Free and No Paint

▪ No need for reinforcement in the existing storage tank shell and foundation

▪ Pre-fabricated through use of CNC and Laser cutting machinery in factory

▪ Easy installation and short installation period on site

▪ More Competitive price than the Steel Cone Roofs

▪ TTS’s Supervisor is able to work in the world

▪ TTS Warranty covers defects in material and fabrication workmanship for Ten(10) years

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