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AST Safety Equipment

Flame Arrester

The flame arrester is a device to the  opening of an enclosure or to the connection pipe work of a system of enclosure and whose intended function is to allow gas flow but prevent the transmission of flame propagation. The frame arresters can be used to prevent flame propagation in the presence of explosive atmospheres, e.g. though piping, breathers and filling and emptying lines that are nor full of liquid at all times.

Breather Valve (Pressure and/or Vacuum Relief Valve)

The breather valve are designed to protect ASTs from the excessive pressure and/or vacuum. When a  tank is being filled, the vapor that filled the space above the liquid surface is compressed and it this pressure were allowed toexceed the storage tank design pressure, then it would explode or rupture. In addition, if the temperature of the storage tank or vessel increases, then expansion and vaporization may cause the pressure to rise. 

Conversely, emptying liquid from the tank, or a decrease of temperature, cause a vacuum to be created. 

Emergency Vent

The emergency vent cover is designed to provide emergency relief capacity beyond that furnished by the normal operating pressure & vacuum relief valve on the tank. These large relief cover which only open in emergencies are used to protect tanks against rupture or explosion that could result from thermal pressure caused by fire surrounding a tank, etc. It remains closed tightly at all internal pressure below setting pressure (and above the vacuum setting). These cover also provides easy access into the tank. 

Gauge Hatch Cover

Gauge hatch designed to provide easy access to storage tanks for checking level of temperature of products, and for sampling. It is available either with or without a cover clamp. The hatch cover without the clamp can by used as emergency pressure venting up to 3 psig of pressure. 

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