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I.F.R Seal


Double Wiper Seal

 The wiper seals mounted above each other that completely cover the space between the tank shell and the edge of the internal floating roof. The wiper seal is continuous and both wiper seals are vapor mounted type. The wiper seal is made from high quality material which has 100% aromatic 

resistance. Double wiper seals are easy to install and have a low cost.


Foam & Wiper Seal

The primary seal is liquid mounted type which is composed of foam and envelope and the secondary wiper seal is vapor mounted type. The envelope is designed to prevent liquid capillary action and provide a long service life for B.T.X and other strong chemical storage tanks. This foam seal can effectively reduce VOC emissions and project losses of liquid product completely.


Mechanical Shoe Seal

The mechanical shoe seal is a metal sheet held vertically against the wall of the storage tank by springs and is connected by brace arms to the floating roof. A flexible coated fabric (continuous seal) spans the annular space between the shoe plate and the rim plate of the floating roof. This seal offers virtually universal resistance to all storage products, good emission reduction, long service life and liquid mounted adviantages.

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