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Full Contact I.F.R

The full contact roof consists of a series of connected aluminum honeycomb panels and equipped with a continuous closure device (primary / secondary seal) and between the tank shell and the floating roof edge. The aluminum honeycomb panel maintains full contact with the liquid surface and prevents evaporation of the stored product. This system reduces emissions and evaporative losses of storage products and the tank its subjected to less corrosive or oxidizing elements by removing the vapor zone from the fixed roof storage tanks. Floating roof seals have been the most widely used system for storage of petroleum products. TTS provides internal floating roof seal systems based on our years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing all types of tank seal accessories. Our internal floating roof seal system complies with environmental regulations and the latest edition of API 650 Appendix H standard.


▪ Full contact type - No vapor zone under floating deck

▪ High emission reduction

▪ Corrosion resistant & Durable service life

▪ No buoyancy loss caused by numerous punctures

▪ Excellent strength-to-weight ratio

▪ No scratching or damage to the tank shell

▪ Complies with API 650 Appendix H

▪ Available suspender cable or adjustable leg type for supporting deck

▪ Easy installation

▪ Can be equipped with various rim seal designs

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