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 Internal Floating Roof

The internal floating roof seal system consists of float tubes joined together by clamp beams on deck skins are fitted and equipped with a continuous closure device (primary / second seal)  and between the tank shell and the floating roof edge.


The purpose of the internal floating roof seal system is to have a minimal vapor zone above the stored liquid.


This system reduces emissions and evaporative losses of storage products and the tank its subjected to less corrosive or oxidizing elements by removing the vapor zone from the fixed roof storage tanks.


Floating roof seals have been the most widely used system for storage of petroleum products.


TTS provides internal floating roof seal systems based on our years of experience in designing, manufacturing and installing all types of tank seal accessories.


Our internal floating roof seal system complies with environmental regulations and the latest edition of API 650 Appendix H standard.


All parts are manufactured under TTS quality control and all float tubes are leak-tested. All components can be accessed through an existing manhole.

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